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What games is everyone playing this weekend?

As for me I am going to attempt to play more RE6 & some Lollipop Chainsaw. 

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  1. flavorfully answered: just got mirrors edge and bulletstorm as i die waiting for dishonored
  2. ghostpod answered: Torchlight 2
  3. chiichiimii answered: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Borderlands. Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 next weekend for mee~ It hurts that I can’t get them tomorrow. ; u;
  4. unconventional-girl answered: I’ve got two choices, The Sims 3 or Civilization: Revolution, both on Xbox 360. I think I’m leaning towards The Sims 3, though…
  5. mistermoviefiend said: Still going through Borderlands 2.
  6. clickchirp answered: Super Paper Mario (2nd time) :]
  7. glhfstompy answered: Borderlands 2 and Pokemon on sunday. Gonna be a good weekend.
  8. letsloligag answered: TekkenTagTournament2 and NewLittleKingsStory.
  9. poisonpassionfruit answered: Borderlands
  10. nigrn answered: CS 1.6 and maybe Halo.
  11. 5mo5h-pit answered: Me, It’s playing all the AC games in a lead up to AC3 release. I do it all the time. Every new release means a pre-release marathon! WOO!.
  12. nex-umbra said: Waiting for Tuesday for dishonored
  13. gamingg answered: halo!
  14. bringthebeard said: Been playing FTL instead of doing homework.
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